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Wireless Data Loggers for Dairy Cold chain monitoring

Updated: May 17, 2021

Wireless Data logger for Dairy Chain monitoring
Wireless Data logger for Dairy chain monitoring

Tenova Systems provides wireless data logging solutions to assist milk producers and other dairy applications, in Dairy Cold Chain Monitoring.

Temperature and humidity sensitive products must be kept within strict thresholds in order to ensure freshness and maintain quality. Whether shipping milk from the farm to the distributor, making cheese, producing ice cream or selling dairy products, Tenova Systems has a solution for your cold chain monitoring and cold chain logistics needs.

Process Covered

Pasteurization unit temperature monitoring from tenova systems
Pasteurization unit

Our Pasteurization unit data logger has fitted with PT 100 sensor and can be manufactured with customizable size fit into customers existing systems. Also, the data logging interval can be programmed as per the processor customer requirement. This can help the user to monitor the entire pasteurization process.

Temperature Monitoring for the milk chiller unit
Milk Chiller Unit

Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity of the storage rooms and the chiller is very much required for the dairy products. Any possible change in the temperature can cause spoilage of the stored products. Tenova Systems provides wireless data logger for temperature and humidity monitoring is ideal for chillers and cold rooms. The sensors are fitted with a range from -40 Degree to +200 Degree.

Temperature monitoring for CIP unit in dairy chain
CIP Unit

Tenova Systems Things 1A data logger is designed to be used in dairy processing plants where cleaning-in-place applications need to be verified and validated. Things 1A can directly collect data from the processing equipment, providing a record of cleaning cycle temperature and duration.

Our low cost, IP 65 compliance wireless temperature data logger that is ideal for reefer trucks during the shipping process. The logger is recording the data at the same time in for the driver and respective authorities about the possible violation of user-set warning limits


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