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IoT to Improve safety and productivity by tracking and optimizing person or workforce.

Ensure Safe and Secure  Condition for Work Force

Looper Zone is a cloud based IoT tracking solution to monitor the location and safety of employees during work.  If there is an emergency then the worker can alert the emergency service.   Also  the base station can call back the worker, if a worker threshold level for  exposing  extreme weather or chemical  conditions exceeds.

Advantages of lone worker tracking solution  

Risk Reduction
It is ensured that workers are under safe working condition.

Employee Wellbeing and Safety
Employees feel safe during their work this will boost their confidence level and improve productivity.

Support and Alert 

If there is any potential risk Lone worker can Alert the emergency. Base station can call back the lone worker  is he is exposed to critical conditions.

Peace of Mind
Peace of mind for both employer and employee

LOOper Advantages 

  • Indoor Tracking using BLE

  • LoRa Based outdoor Tracking

  • Long-life Rechargeable Battery.

  • Panic Button Message sending option from the base station

  • Geo-fencing and communicating with in the zone

  • Low initial investment - Cloud Based solution.

  • Insightful Movement and Behavioural Analysis using AI module.

  • Capable of Integrating with any external systems

System Architecture 
Worker Tracking Tenova Systems.jpg

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LooperZone Application 
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