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Looper is a real-time enterprise Asset Tracking Software that digitally transforms your inventory.

IoT sensor networks and cloud software makes asset tracking more accurate and reliable than ever before.

Tenova's IoT Asset Tracking software benefits
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Asset Location

Asset Health

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Asset Availability

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Asset Utilization

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  • Real-Time Location Monitoring of Assets.

  • Monitoring Asset Availability and Utilization

  • Prevent Asset Theft and Misplacement

  • Reduce the Asset downtime and  Business Process Interruptions 

  • Cloud-based solutions-  so low cost of operation.

            Asset may be varied, multifaceted, and will be distributed or placed over a big geographical area.  Tenova Systems offers IoT (internet of things)  based Asset Tacking  software to monitor the assets.  Tenova’s IoT asset tracking software can monitor continuously the outdoor and indoor assets. It can work on various networks such as GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular. 

           Tenova’s IoT Asset tracking software can help the organization to improve business productivity and efficiencies in Asset management and  thus by reducing the operational cost. With this IoT Asset Tracking software Assets health conditions and location can be monitored in real-time. The real time data collected from the Assets using our IoT sensors can help the organization to detect and address any potential issues well in advance and more insightful actions can be taken  

Who need Tenova’s cloud based IoT Asset Tracking Software
  • Those who have limited control over assets- No real-time information about Assets.

  • Sudden Asset failure- Assets stops working without any prior notification.

  • Don’t have a Dash board for assets and reporting systems

  • Inefficient  Asset performance tracking

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