Cold Storage


Real-time remote temperature and humidity monitoring of cold storage for better quality and compliance. 

Remote real-time Cold storage temperature monitoring

Perishable goods are consumed in large qualities and the quality of which is a great concern for the business and supply chain. The storage time of these temperature and humidity-sensitive products will vary from days to months. Proper storage and handling of this product will determine the quality and safety.

Tenova’s IoT-enabled sensors and cloud storage monitoring solutions can monitor the temperature and humidity of the Cold Storages and rooms from a mobile phone remotely. This real-time remote cold storage monitoring and tracking system will provide early warning alerts and notification systems to proactively take necessary steps to avoid cold line spoilage. This will improve end-to-end visibility and accountability of products during storage in the cold storage.

Increased transparency and accountability.

Remote real-time cold room monitoring using wireless temperature and humidity monitoring systems will improve the visibility and responsibility in the cold chain.  So day to day tasks can be easily delegated and monitored.

Alerts and notifications will help to take necessary actions proactively  

Alerts and mobile notifications will help the designated staff to take proactive measures to ensure the cold storage is under proper conditions and cold line spoilage is not happening.

Intelligent Analytics Platform

Analytics will bring more information about the temperature distribution over a period and the behavior of the cold storage. which will help to take predictive maintenance and avoid cold chain spoilage well in advance.

NABL Calibrated.

Our cold room temperature monitoring devices are NABL calibrated and provided with NABL calibration certificates

Easy to install solution – plug and play  

Our real-time remote cold storage monitoring device is designed in such a way that it can be installed very easily and without any expert help. The device is preconfigured and uses standard RTD sensors  

Industries most benefited from real time remote cold storage monitoring 

Cold Storage
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