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End to end

Cold Chain


End to end real time cold chain monitoring
for better visibility and efficiency  

End to End Cold Chain Monitoring 

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Reefer Truck Monitoring 
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Retail Store Monitoring 
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Track & Monitoring 

Track and monitor the temperature and humidity sensitive products in real time from production to

retail Store.

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Food Traceability

Consumers/Retailer can verify & trace the quality of the product from the outlet through their Mobile Phone.

Block Chain for food traceability Tenova
Block Chain

Block chain based decentralized and distributed ledge technology provides a secure and immutable database.

It is easy to get monitored your COLD CHAIN

Companies from diffrent industry sectors like Seafood, Pharma, Fresh Produce, Dairy and Perishable food are using our end to end cold chain monitoring systems successfully. Use Tenova's Innovative solution at an affordable rate for the safety and quality of your temperature and humidity sensitive products. 

Value Proposition
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Regulatory Compliance Cold Chain Monitor
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Low investment-

Cloud-Based Solutions

Better Regulatory 

Compliance & reduced Spoilage

24/7 monitoring-Manual

intervention is not required

Improve profit Cold Chain Monitoring.png

Improve the bottom line,

the value of Products and


Mobile Application for Cold chain Monito

Mobile Application for the consumer/retailer to trace the product

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Blockchain integrated for greater transparency and trust

Business advantage of cold chain monitoring

Consumers/Retailer can verify & trace the quality of the product from the outlet through their Mobile Phone

End  to End Cold  Chain Monitoring Tenov
  • Increase Value of the products 

  • Reputational benefits

  • Better regulatory compliance

  • Reduced product spoilage

  • Better quality & consistency

7 Steps to improve your bottom line by proactive Cold Chain Monitoring !! 

How, end to end cold chain monitoring solution can track your temperature &
humidity sensitive products in real-time from production to retail Store.
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