Case Study for Dairy Industry in Kerala using

IoT-enabled Cold Chain Monitoring solution.

The company implemented real-time remote cold chain monitoring for their temperature-sensitive products. Using data collected and IoT data analytics help them to reduce the cold line spoilage by 4%, optimized power consumption by 7%, and eventually improved the quality of the product and brand value.

Business Problem

  • Spoilage and reduction in quality of Milk and Curd due to improper maintenance of temperature at the cold storage level. 

  • The power consumption of cold storage units is high from normal running.

  • Manual recording of temperature reading often go wrong or missed due to human errors.

  • There is no Pasteurization unit temperature log for the auditing and quality checkup.

Solution Offered

  • IoT-enabled  wireless temperature dataloggers and sensors can record the temperature in real-time and posting data to cloud servers.

  • Mobile app to get the current temperature of the cold storage and to receive alerts and messages when the temperature of the cold storage crosses the set limit.

  • A reporting and analytics tool to analyze the data from the sensors to predict the potential variation of the cold storage temperature.

  • IoT based sensors to record temperature from the pasteurization units


  • Spoilage of the temperature-sensitive dairy products are reduced to 4%  thereby the quality of the products improved and better brand acceptance.

  • The power consumption of the cold storage is reduced by 7%. - Standard operating procedure for the cold storage is defined for operating staff.

  • The mechanical problem of the storage units can be identified well in advance by analyzing the regular drop in temperature or temperature data